【V Caresee唯心思 個人護理用品】
【V Caresee唯心思 個人護理用品】
V Caresee唯心思有幾款產品就非常適合你喇!🤩
►日本FUNS - 絲柔奢華衣物柔順劑(白玫瑰味) (680ML)👔
►日本第一石鹼清新沐浴露(蜂蜜) (500ML)🐝
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【V Caresee Personal Care Supplies】
Smelling good is undoubtedly a pursuit for people
who pay high attention to personal care🥰
If you want to be glamouring as always
and even showcase your personal charm💐
Then you must find suitable products for
your clothing and maintain personal hygiene 👕
V Caresee has a few products which match your demand!🤩
► FUNS - Luxury No.92 Softener (White Rose) (680ML)👔
Softener is a necessity for clothes washing. Besides the enriched and long-lasting fragrance softener add to the clothing, there are lots of other advantages it brings along. FUNS luxurious softener formula includes antibacterial, antistatic, and anticorrosive ingredients. It could protect your clothes while keeping them clean, with better texture, and not irritating to the skin at all. The fragrance of white roses has a more pleasant smell than red roses, after using the softener, you might find your clothes better than ever.
►Honey Body Soap Oil-in Type (Honey) (500ML)🐝
Does the change of weather make your skin dry? Aside from putting on body lotions, we can actually use moisturizing shower gel! This Honey Body Soap Oil-in Type (Honey), is rich in honey extract and moisturizing ingredients. It could moisturize and repair your skin condition. The body soap matches the need for cleaning, moisture, and a good aroma!
►Honey Body Soap Milk-in Type (Honey+Milk)🥛
This product is also rich in honey extract and moisturizing ingredients. It brings nutrients to the skin so as to keep it moisture, smooth, and young. It focuses on skin protection which gently repairs your skin. The body soap also has a light honey milk fragrance which could showoff your personal charm!
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