【V Caresee唯心思 浴室清潔用品】
【V Caresee唯心思 浴室清潔用品】
► 日本第一石鹼 浴室除霉噴霧 (400ml)🤩
► 日本第一石鹼 浴室殺菌防霉(薄荷味)噴霧泡 (380ML)🛁
► 日本第一石鹼 馬桶除菌清潔劑 (500ml)🚽
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Bathroom Cleaning cannot be neglected!🚿
As it could be a way for the spread of coronavirus
It is also a place where people will use every day🚽
We should try our best to keep it clean and
Maintain good bathroom hygiene 🙈
So we are going to introduce three types of
outstanding bathroom cleaning supplies for you🌟
► Rookie Mould and Mildew Remover Chlorine-Type (400ml)🤩
The bathroom is a very moist area, it is easy to grow mold in such a place. Especially for the sink, bathtub, the sides of the bathtub, and on the floor. The instruction usage is simple and easy. You just have to spray on the respective mold areas and wait for a few minutes then wipe it off with a cloth. The mildew will definitely disappear! There are lots of positive after-use comments and many people will stock a few at home!
► FUNS Bathroom Cleaner Antifungal Type Chlorine-Type (380ml)🛁
We always feel like the bathroom has a lot of invisible bacterias, it is important to have one cleaner that could kill the bacterias by a wide range of spraying. Reports from actual testing have also shown that the cleaner could effectively kill the Coronavirus🦠!!!! Always keep one at your home to maintain hygiene and stay away from the spread of the epidemic.
► Rookie Toilet Cleaner with Bacteria Removal Chlorine-Type (500ml)🚽
The dirtiest area in the bathroom must be the toilet. Having a powerful and effective toilet cleaner would be extremely beneficial. It could almost be regarded as a necessity of the set of cleaning supplies. It could also remove stains and bleach the toilet in one use.
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