【V Caresee唯心思 廚房清潔用品】
【V Caresee唯心思 廚房清潔用品】
今日V Caresee唯心思就要為大家介紹三款廚房清潔用品:
►弱酸性除菌(柚子味)洗潔精 400ml🦠
►ROOKIE 喉管潔淨劑 800g👍
有時洗碗煮食時都會殘留一啲食物殘渣流入喉管,久而久之喉管就會淤塞,呢啲時候就好需要一枝喉管潔淨劑!但其實定期使用喉管潔淨劑潔淨,都可以有效預防排水管阻塞,唔一定要等到真係塞咗先用架。ROOKIE 喉管潔淨劑仲可以去除黏稠髒汙及汙垢,消除異味,深度殺菌,係疫情期間就唔怕係喉管傳入病菌,廁所都可以用得架
►廚房用抗菌除臭噴霧 400ml🍽
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As a proverb goes "Illness could easily get into our body through contacting our mouth"🦠
If we would like to maintain a healthy body
We must pay high attention to kitchen cleaning😠💪
It will be troublesome if we consume infected food!!
Today, V Caresee is going to introduce a total of
3 types of kitchen cleaning products for you:
►Fresh Mild Acidic Liquid Dishwashing Detergent 400ml 🧼
When we thought that detergents are only for dishwashing then you are out-dated already! With the advance of technology in Japan, some specific detergents could now be used on food. People could use it to wash away the pesticide remain and at the same time wash away bacterias and dirt on the food. We could then enjoy our food with the greatest protection!
This product is with outstanding cleaning efficiency. A small amount of detergent could be enough for breaking down oily and disgusting stains on our cutleries. It is mild and does not stimulate our skin. With the slight grapefruit smell, this product should be your favorite.
►Rookie Pipe Cleaner (Chlorine-Type) 800g👍
It is common that when we are washing the dishes, there would be some food residue flow into the pipe of the sink. When time passes by, the residues would block the flushing of the pipe. You would then need a pipe cleaner to help with the situation. In fact, pipe cleaners are not only for emergency situations but they are also for daily cleaning conditions. It could act as a preventive measure to avoid blockage from food residues. Rookie Pipe Cleaner (Chlorine-Type) could also be used to remove sticky substances and stains. At the same time, it could also eliminate smells and also deeply create protection for killing bacterias. As we are also aware that the virus could infect a family by passing through pipes of the whole building, the product is also designed to use in toilet pipes.
►Alcohol Anti-Bacterial Spray 400ml🍽
The kitchen cleaning could not be neglected as it is a matter of food safety. The Alcohol Anti-Bacterial Spray is designed especially for kitchen use. It could be used on the surface of the cutting boards, knives, kitchenware, microwave oven or refrigerator, etc., as it could eliminate 99.99% bacterias. In order to keep things clean, use simply spray on a table cloth and wipe on the appliances so as to eliminate the smells and bacterias.
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