【V Caresee唯心思 X Beacon College遵理學校慈善義賣🔖💝】

【V Caresee唯心思 X Beacon College遵理學校慈善義賣🔖💝


V Caresee唯心思和Banitore便利妥希望透過口罩義賣活動支持香港學生,是次義賣會在扣除成本後捐給「向上游教育慈善基金」以表支持普及平等教育。我們明白健康對於在學的學生來說十分重要,而支持他們在逆境中仍向上游的動力,卻是十分難得,我們為學生們製作的考試「神器」口罩,不但希望能給予一份祝福更是時刻提醒他們學習目標。我們相信這個口罩神器能帶領學生度過疫情的難關,支持他們實踐自己的夢想。V Caresee唯心思和Banitore便利妥祝福各位學生學業進步,青出於藍,在疫情的磨練下仍舊迎難而上,無畏無懼。✨🌟


【V Caresee X Beacon College Charity Sale Event🔖💝】

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, we are always aware of the sector of education. In Hong Kong, we have the amazing system of 12 years of free educational services. It has ensured every Hong Kong Citizen has the right of getting equal educational rights and opportunity. Despite having an equalizing education system in Hong Kong, there are lots of other unfairness happening in Hong Kong. For example, owing to being busy going to school and to work, a great variety of citizens do not have the time to purchase face masks while there is a serious shortage. Moreover, some might even have to repeatedly wear the same face mask for a month in order to meet the compulsory wearing face masks regulations. Many students have to do online learning at home in regard to the pandemic. The tremendous pressure from the unpredictable regulations have been brought to the students. Pressure from family and maybe the lack of suitable electronic devices have made them hard to catch up with the learning progress. We could say that the serious epidemic situation has greatly affected our students. Beacon College has been one of the pioneering educational bureaus which are enthusiastic in doing social work. They have provided free tutorial services to students in need and they are active in carrying out equal education bearing the responsibility of knowledge inheritance. Under the earnest education system of Beacon College, tons of students have been benefited. We could easily see that Beacon College has brought along prodigious contribution to the launch of equal education.👩‍🏫📝

V Caresee together with Banitore hope to support our students through the event of face masks charity sale. The respective charitable event will raise funds by deducting the cost from the profit earned. The funds would be donated to Uplift Educational Charity Foundation to support the widespread equalizing of education. We fully understand that health is of utmost importance to students. Besides, motivation for supporting students to embrace the difficulties is more scarce. Not only do the face masks we made for students hoping to give them a blessing but also reminding them about their goal of learning. We believe that our product could lead students out of the pandemic difficulties, supporting them to pursue their dreams. V Caresee and Banitore wish every student a better academic results being the best of the best and courageously face the upcoming challenges. ✨🌟