【V Caresee唯心思 x KongStories港故仔 聖誕口罩義賣活動🎄🎅】

【V Caresee唯心思 x KongStories港故仔 聖誕口罩義賣活動🎄🎅


V Caresee唯心思希望成為香港人的支持,以香港製造的高質量口罩給予香港人一個放心的保障,今次為KongStories港故仔製作的口罩也是秉持著這份心態,希望能以香港人的力量延續香港人的精神。就在這個聖誕,以一份香港人的熱情,點亮這城市,一份窩心得來不易,希望香港人珍惜這份香港精神。🤩🙌


【V Caresee x KongStories Limited Christmas Edition Face Masks Charity Sale🎄🎅

Hong Kong people, Hong Kong Stories. Hong Kong People have encountered different levels of difficulties in the past. Our unique and traditional local cultures are eventually fading out of our daily life replaced by the western culture. Under the pandemic situation, many local industries have to change their strategy in order to survive. We would say not only big brands in Hong Kong have their story behind their development but also the small brands which are waiting to strive. Hong Kong spirit is all about perseverance and toughness. The stories behind each and every company has created Hong Kong as a whole. Hong Kong people talking about their stories no matter if they are on an inherited basis or being an innovative new local brand have always been an encouraging and proud affair. By sharing joyfulness, we can all grow together as one. Sometimes if things began to fade out of our memory, it might lead to the disappearance of collective memory of a whole generation. Cultural heritage is very important in a way that history being an indispensable factor proving the continuous development of a place. Each and every story has become a piece of puzzle shaping Hong Kong’s history. Through sharing we then have a thorough idea of the past of Hong Kong. What is missing and what could be learned from. 

KongStories listen to every Hong Kong people’s story. It is not about how great the story is or how big the impact of the story would bring out. It is all about heritation and continuity. Hoping that those sharing of stories could enlighten the life of the readers. As a motivation, as an encouragement, as a life goal. Seven million people with seven million unique and individual stories. We would like to quote from the flower hyacinthus orientalis “to enlighten the fire of life, to enjoy and share an enriched life”.🌸🔥

V Caresee hopes to show support to Hong Kong people. Our Made in Hong Kong high quality face masks provide Hong Kong people with a guarantee. Our production for KongStories this time is what we are proud of. We hope to sustain the spirit of Hong Kong people. This Christmas, we would like to provide warmth and enlighten this city. We value the tough spirit of Hong Kong people.🤩🙌