【V Caresee唯心思 荃灣區口罩義工服務 🤗💜】

【V Caresee唯心思 荃灣區口罩義工服務 🤗💜


V Caresee 唯心思希望能夠心荃灣區的街坊,共渡時艱。我們唯心思儘管只是一間剛起步的口罩供應商但是我們希望能夠深入社區,服務一眾街坊朋友們,我們重視質量慕求為顧客帶來舒適高品質的產品。在活動中我們攜同一班義工,一同到荃灣區派發口罩,並提醒各位街坊要提高防疫意識。💪


【V Caresee Tsuen Wan District Face Masks Distribution Social Services🤗💜

Aging population is a serious social issue in Hong Kong. It has led to different other social issues to be solved. For instance, the serious shortage of public housing and community welfare have made life more difficult for people who are in need. There are different welfare organizations and NGOs who always collaborate with each other to hold events for residents. Their aim is to provide suitable assistance to the underprivileged and the needy. We all hope to build a harmonious and inclusive society. It is commonly known that elderly may always encounter difficulties when they are taking care of themselves. Sometimes, it is essential for the young generation to assist them in taking care of their daily necessities. Not to mention that in the initial stage of the pandemic the serious shortage of face masks stockage has made residents' lives much more difficult. Without the help of the real-time information of face masks purchasing locations, the older generation were put into jeopardy. There are some face masks suppliers that launch highly unaffordable and unreasonable pricing in order to maximize their profits. Many low-income families have been exposed under great risks during the more and more momentous epidemic situation.🛡🦠

V Caresee are wholeheartedly connected to society and therefore would like to bring along good fortunes to residents in Tsuen Wan District. Together, we could fight the virus. Although V Caresee is only a start-up company, we understand the seriousness of the issues Hong Kong residents are facing. We would like to contribute to the community we are in and provide the best quality services to citizens. Paying full attention to the quality of our products, providing convenience to our customers and to strive for excellence are our highest priority indeed. During the face masks distribution events, we together with a group of volunteers go on streets to distribute our V Caresee face masks to Tsuen Wan District citizens. We would also like to raise the awareness of Hong Kong residents on anti-epidemic measures.💪