【V Caresee唯心思 新年大抽獎 New Year Lucky Draw】
【V Caresee唯心思 新年大抽獎 🎊New Year Lucky Draw】
V Caresee 唯心思 先係到同大家拜個早年!🥰
祝大家身體健康!💪🏻牛年行大運🎉 💰
我哋會揀出最有心思嘅5個留言,送出「豐足骨瓷杯碟1套 (價值$499)+牛年限定口罩1 包(價值$45)」!🤩🤩
🌟另外V Caresee 唯心思都有其他新年套裝優惠!🌟
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3. 再留言「你嘅牛年願望同祝福」並標籤 (Tag) 3位朋友
.我們會在留言區中隨機抽出 5位幸運兒,並於2021年2月10日公佈得獎名單。
.如有任何爭議,V Caresee唯心思 保留最終決定權。
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【V Caresee New Year Lucky Draw🎊
Lunar New Year will commence next week!🧧
V Caresee would like to wish you a Happy New Year in advance🥰
We wish everyone a good health💪🏻 and good fortunes in the Year of Ox🎉 💰
Although we might not be able to pay visits to relatives and friends' this year
We still wish everyone could receive a blessing in the Year of Ox
and most importantly to cheer each other up 🌟
So, comment down below about your wishes in the year of Ox💬♥️
and we will choose the best 5 comments to give out our
'Abundant Bone China Cup and Saucer Set X 1 (Net worth: $499)' + 'Year of Ox Limited Edition Face Masks X 1 (Net worth: $45)'🤩🤩
Unlike porcelain, bone china's light penetration is better 
it would look a lot more crystal clear 🍶
Moreover, it has greater intensity so it could be manufactured thinner
which makes the texture and visual effect a lot better!
If you would like to receive the Year of Ox edition present, 
Do not hesitate to join our event!🥳
🌟P.S. V Caresee has other New Year Promotion Sets!🌟
Feel free to take a look at our online store: https://bit.ly/2YFAJjw
Enrollment Method: 
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3. Comment your "Year of Ox wishes and blessing" and tag 3 friends
Event time: 4th February 2021 to 9th February 2021 23:59
Terms and conditions:
. We will randomly draw 5 lucky winners from the comments and announce the winners on 9th February 2021.
. A participant only has ONE chance of winning in the entire event.
. In case of any disputes, V Caresee reserves the right of final decision.
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