【V Caresee唯心思新年大抽獎得獎名單公布】
【V Caresee唯心思新年大抽獎得獎名單公布】
新一年新氣象,V Caresee已經收到大家對牛年嘅願望同埋祝福啦!希望新一年大家嘅憧憬都可以實現啦~
今年嘅新年大抽獎留言區有滿滿窩心,反應十分熱烈,大家對無論疫情定係社會都抱持樂觀態度!V Caresee希望大家都可能感受到我地嘅熱情!事不宜遲,我地公佈得獎名單先!
5位幸運兒如下:Yiu Ngor
Simon Cheung
Sze Chun Lam
Ching Tsang
Linda Wu
【V Caresee New Year Lucky Draw Winners】
New year new resolution! V Caresee has already received
the year of Ox wishes and blessing from all of you!
We hope that in this new year time all of your wishes
could come true and may the fortunes be with you! 🌟
There are lots of warm blessings in the comments
the participation is very intense as we are all
hoping for better health for the foreseeing future!
V Caresee has the enthusiasm of hoping that
we can bring best fortunes to all of you!
Without any delay, let’s see who are the lucky winners!🥳🥳
The five winners are listed below:
Yiu Ngor
Simon Cheung
Sze Chun Lam
Ching Tsang
Linda Wu
V Caresee will message each winner individually👀
So remember to check out your message box!🌟🌟
The details of the delivery will be stated in the respective message.