【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 青田之優音樂制作室慈善活動🎼】
【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 青田之優音樂制作室慈善活動🎼】
V Caresee 唯心思明白音樂對於人們的重要性,特別在嚴峻的疫情下,由於人們的娛樂活動受到很多的限制,更多人望以音樂的方式慰藉自我。在此期間,我們不能忽視防疫工作,特別是個人的防疫需求。⛑
故此V Caresee唯心思聯同 Banitore便利妥,希望能為熱心實行音樂關愛服務的青田之優音樂制作室,提供一點防疫物資並交流社區服務心得,以提倡良好健康和福祉的核心價值。🌠
【V Caresee x Banitore StarUp Wonders Charitable Event🎼】
Music is an indispensable element of our life. When a life is lack of music, it has no difference in losing a way of expressing oneself. Moreover, sometimes to a certain group of people, they could only find their true self through the utilization of music.
V Caresee understands the importance of music in people’s life. Especially in the view of the serious pandemic, many of our leisure and recreational activities have been restricted. More and more people would like to develop new interests and make good use of music to be one’s comfort. However, during the period of unpredictable spread of virus, we should not neglect anti-epidemic work especially for physical and mental protection of oneself. ⛑
With regards to the above situation, V Caresee and Banitore would like to support respective organizations for their much-appreciated work. Young Collections Musical Studio is enthusiastic about music-caring services for people with emotional needs or for leisure. We have provide them with suitable anti-epidemic resources and exchanged our society services experience hoping to create and stimulates a healthy core value for the community.🌠