【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 協康會慈善活動🏅🏡】
【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 協康會慈善活動🏅🏡】
V Caresee唯心思深深明白身為有能力的機構的企業社會責任,教育的角色不可或缺。我們希望能聯同 Banitore便利妥,為協康會的兒童教育工作添力。若要能健康快樂成長,抗疫工作必不能少,特別是兒童的抗疫力較低,需要能為健康作出承諾的高品質兒童口罩,共同抗疫才能推動優質教育發展。❤️📚
【V Caresee x Banitore Heep Hong Society Charitable Event🏅🏡】
Different forms of assistance and stimulation are needed for children’s development and growth. By inspirations, expansions, inheritances, we put forward a healthy childhood development. We all have a mission that is to ensure a platform for our next generation to showcase their talents and potential. Equip them with the ability to resist the unpredictable challenges occurring in the society and further build up a sustainable community for their growth.🏙
V Caresee fully understands the responsibility of being an influential corporate. The role of education is indispensable when it comes to sustainable developments. We hope our joint collaboration with Banitore could encourage and recognize the educational work of the Hip Hong Society. In fact, children’s immune system is vulnerable. In order to grow healthily and happily, anti-epidemic work has to be carefully done. A quality guaranteed children's face mask is in predominant need. The prerequisite of pushing forward quality education is indeed fighting the virus together.❤️📚