【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 東區尤德夫人那打素醫院慈善捐贈🩺📦】
【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 東區尤德夫人那打素醫院慈善捐贈🩺📦】
故此V Caresee唯心思聯同 Banitore便利妥希望能盡一己之力,為東區醫院的醫護人員提供一份安心,帶給他們最好的保障,讓他們在疫情中也能有高質素的醫療保障。我們了解和明白到我們身為口罩生產商在疫情下的重要角色,不是要把握商機,而是要確保市民的健康和安全,我們希望能將這種精神以慈善活動的捐贈形式體現出來。現在全球口罩的標準不一,特別是醫療用途的口罩在質料方面有一定的要求,這次我們捐贈予東區醫院的口罩不但符合國際標準的ASTM Level III 和歐盟最高標準Type IIR,BFE>98%,PFE>98%,就算醫護人員工作的時候長時間配戴也不會造成問題。衷心感謝各位醫護人員的付出和拼搏,願疫情能盡快緩和,不用再提心吊膽渡日。🙆‍♀️🙆
【V Caresee x Banitore Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Charitable Donation🩺📦】
In the serious pandemic, medical personnel have to work under great pressure restlessly every day. They work selflessly in their own post in order to serve and face the public. Medics have paid an important role in fighting the virus. Sometimes considering their family’s safety and health condition, medical personnel have to stay in hotels and could not go home. Many of them have not eaten a proper meal with their family for long. During the initial stage of the pandemic where there is a shortage of medical face masks, medics have to queue together with normal citizens to purchase limited face masks for protection. Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital has been excelling in providing holistic and people-centered quality services to citizens. Their values and mission have been respected by most. Their tremendous effort put into fighting against the virus has been recognized. In exchange for the safety of residents, they have to work non-stop with hard-work and great responsibility. Yet, their contribution has brought a sliver-lining to the city. The tough spirit has not been stopped by the discrimination and noise in society. Instead, they still hold their professionalism when facing severe and urgent pandemic situations.👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
By then, V Caresee together with Banitore hopes to contribute and do our best in providing the best safety protections for them. That is to ensure our medics have sufficient resources to fight against the virus together with citizens. We are alert and fully understand our role as medical face mask manufacturers in this epidemic situation. We should not be focusing on making profits but to secure the supply of face masks for the great health and safety of all. We hope to express our core value through this charitable donation event. Nowadays, there are different standards in the production of face masks. More and more varieties of face masks have emerged. There are specific standards when it comes to medical-use face masks. There are certain requirements on the materials and layers. The series of face masks that we donated and produced are all meeting the international standard of ASTM Level III and EU highest standard of Type IIR, BFE>98%, PFE>98%. Long working hours will not cause much trouble as our face masks are up to high quality and standard.🙆‍♀️🙆
V Caresee wholeheartedly being thankful for the contribution and hard work of every one of medical personnel. We wish the epidemic would end eventually by then we do not need to live in fear.