Banitore x V Caresee 3+2+3 Exclusive Offer

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Banitore x V Caresee 3+2+3 Exclusive Offer
V Caresee masks are all Made in Hong Kong from manufacturing to packaging, and they are made of carefully selected hypoallergenic materials, which lighten the burden on the skin, and have good ventilation function, which makes them feel natural and comfortable even if they are worn for a long time, making breathing easier.
You can type the desired product size and quantity on the size and quantity option

For example, white M + white L + pink XS + four colors + three colors + bathroom + skin color 25 pieces + wet tissue

Optional Bantiore convenient 3D masks 20 pieces in 3 boxes
+ V Caresee Adult 3-layer Medical Mask 2 Boxes and 3 Daily Necessities

1. Bantiore Convenience 3D Mask: There are 3 styles of white, pink and rainbow 4 colors to choose from!!
White: Size M, Size L
Pink: XS, S, M, L
Rainbow 4 colors: XS code, S code, M code, L code

2. V Caresee 2D Mask: There are 3 styles of retro four-color, lake blue and three-color ear straps to choose from!!

3. Daily necessities: its limited 8 products MINIONS series four-layer paper handkerchiefs (18 packs), MINIONS series ultra-mini disinfectant wipes, (super waterproof and antibacterial) 20 pieces of tape, 50 pieces of round care tape, 25 pieces of skin care Tape, 8 pieces of corn tape, Japanese weak acid antibacterial (yuzu flavor) detergent (400ML), Japanese bathroom sterilization and mildew proof (mint flavor) spray foam (380ML) and Japanese toilet sterilization cleaner (500ML) to choose from

►Extra Size (XS)
Size : 135x105mm suitable for 2 to 6 years old
►Small size (S)
Size : 160 x 122mm suitable for 6 to 12 years old
►Medium (M)
Size: 167 x 143mm
►Large Size (L)
Size: 184 x 166mm

Product Description
* 20 pieces per box (all individually packaged)
* Made in Hong Kong throughout the whole process, the quality is safe and reliable.
* This product features dustproof, filter, water repellent, comfortable,
* Strictly select low-sensitive materials to manufacture
* In line with the design of Hong Kong people's face shape, the nose bridge line can be adjusted according to the individual face shape.
* Good ventilation function, suitable for long time wearing.
* Latex free.
* Does not contain fiberglass.
* Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place.

Mask Specifications
* BFE & PFE>98%
* Conforms to American Standard ASTM LEVEL 2
* Compliant with AC:2019 Type IIR
* Compliant with the highest level of EU certification EN14683 Type IIR
* Clean room ISO 14644-1 Class 8

* Due to hygiene considerations, this product will not be returned or exchanged after shipment.
* This product is a disposable disposable mask. It is recommended not to reuse it. If there is peculiar smell, dirt or damage in the breath after long-term use, please replace it immediately.

Shipping method
* Masks will be dispatched within 1 to 7 working days.
* Free shipping for purchases over HK$500.
* Self Pick-up point: Room 501, 5/F, HonourIndustrial Centre, 6 San Yip Street, Chai Wan
* Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:30-18:30





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