【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 】
【V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥 】
星匠是一個弱勢社群智障青年人及其家庭提供可持續發展的計劃💪🏻💪🏻V caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥十分欣賞星匠為智障青年人找自己方向的理念,故希望可以提供一點資源,給社會上不同人士一絲溫暖。☺️
協康會是香港最具規模的兒童教育及康復機構之一,致力為不同潛質的兒童及青年提供專業評估、輔導及訓練,讓他們盡展所能!V caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥明白到小孩抗疫力較低,故疫情期間一直致力為兒童提供口罩,協助抗疫🤝🤝
青田之聲音樂制作室,為各類有需要人士,開設多元化的音樂關愛工作坊,讓不同人士透過音樂工作坊及講座,互相抒發情感、鼓勵、支持及支援,讓生命影響生命,路途上重新出發。V caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥留意到疫情期間,不少人士的情緒都需要關心,特別是冬天來臨,冬天抑鬱容易出現,所以希望貢獻少許,大家一起打敗肺炎💪🏻💪🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
V Caresee唯心思 x Banitore便利妥祝各位身體健康、聖誕快樂👍🏻
【V Caresee X Banitore】
🥶🥶Winter has commerced while the pandemic keeps being more and more serious. 😷😷 There are many NGOs and different organizations that need our help to fight the virus together. As Christmas is coming, we have decided to bring our warmth and caring gifts to these organizations.🎁
Today (21/12), we have traveled around Hong Kong to different institutions, including StarUp Wonders, Heep Hong Society, and Young Collections Musical Studio.
StarUp Wonders is a program that supports minorities and their families to develop sustainability. 💪🏻💪🏻V Caresee X Banitore is stunned by this mindset and such ambition on encouraging young minorities to seek their own directions in life. To show our support to StarUp, we hope to provide them resources connecting with society. Give what you can give!☺️
Heep Hong Society is one of the most active and leading non-profit organizations that put much effort into children/young adults' educations. They aim to foster a more inclusive society by providing professional consultation, therapy, and child-care services and training. Regarding that V Caresee X Banitore understand the vulnerability of children in the serious pandemic, we have been lending a helping hand to those in need long since.🤝🤝
Young Collections Musical Studio has organised music-caring workshops and talks for different people in need. The workshops and talks have provided a platform for them to express their feelings and encourage, support, and assist each other. Let the influence of life be beneficial to others. V Caresee X Banitore has been aware that people do have lots of emotional needs owing to the pandemic especially when the weather is turning cold and depression symptoms are a lot easier to appear. We hope to contribute to society by helping those in need and together we fight the virus!💪🏻💪🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
V Caresee X Banitore wishes everyone good health and a Merry Christmas ! 👍🏻🎄