【V Caresee唯心思 FB & IG 專享優惠】
【V Caresee唯心思 FB & IG 專享優惠】
又到V caresee唯心思優惠時間喇🎊🎊🎊即日起只需要HKD398,就可以拎走8樣貨品!
任選👇🏻便利妥3D口罩3️⃣盒- 彩虹四色20片裝XS S M L - 經典白色20片裝M L- 限定粉紅色20片裝 XS S M L
任選👇🏻Vcaresee唯心思口罩2️⃣盒- 限定復古四色20片裝- 限定湖水藍 20 片裝- 三色耳繩 30片裝
任選👇🏻個人護理用品3️⃣款- MINIONS系列四層紙手帕(18包裝)- MINIONS系列超迷你殺菌消毒濕紙巾(8包裝)
便利妥 透明20片超級防水防菌護理膠布- 便利妥 圓形50片護理膠布- 便利妥 膚色25片護理膠布- 便利妥 8片雞眼膠布
日本 弱酸性除菌(柚子味)洗潔精 (400ML)- 日本第一石鹼 浴室殺菌防霉(薄荷味)噴霧泡 (380ML)- 日本第一石鹼 馬桶除菌清潔劑 (500ML)🤗
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 【V Caresee Special Offer on IG & FB】
Here Special offers are now on V Caresee! 🎊🎊🎊Customers can take away 8 products with HKD398!
The first 1️⃣0️⃣ customers can get an extra offer of free shipping!!!🤩
Pick👇🏻Banitore 3D mask3️⃣boxes- Rainbow 20pcs XS S M L - Classic white 2pcs M L- Pink series 20pcs XS S M L
Pick👇🏻Vcaresee mask2️⃣boxes- Four color mix 20pcs- Tiffany blue 20pcs - three colors ear ropes 30pcs
Pick👇🏻Personal care supplies3️⃣- MINIONS Series layers facial tissue (18packs) - MINIONS Series mini skincare wipes (8pcs)
Banitore W-B-B clear plaster 20pcs - Banitore round protective plaster 50pcs - Banitore protective plaster (skin-25pcs) - Banitore dressings corn plaster (8pcs)
Japan Daichi kitchen cleaning (400ML)- Japan Daichi bathing cleaning (380ML)- Japan Daichi Toilet cleaning (500ML)🤗
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