【Banitore便利妥 x V Caresee唯心思 中華基督教會慈善活動❤💒】
【Banitore便利妥 x V Caresee唯心思 中華基督教會慈善活動❤💒】
V Caresee唯心思和Banitore便利妥希望能透過慈善捐贈和真誠的事工交流,以學習和親身了解社區的需要,並希望能在往後的發展工作中,提供更適切的幫助,不論在教育、醫療或是社區工作中也能盡一分力。在是次慈善活動中,我們更加體會到施比受更為有福的道理,昐望在往後的發展中我們也能秉持著這份無私的精神,繼續努力以赴,為香港市民帶來高質安心的產品。😋
【Banitore x V Caresee HKCCC Charitable Donation Event❤💒】
The year 2020 is undoubtedly a harsh year regarding us amidst the serious epidemic situation. The virus is evolving without a proper medical cure. Most of the time, in order to stop the spread of the virus, the government tends to use and test on a variety of preventive measures. However, many of them indisputably neglected the actual need of residents. The measures are regarded as being unrealistic in nature. Some of the measures resulted in restricting laborers to eat outdoor on street under the bright sun or cold weather. On the contrary, these measures might have made our lives a lot more inconvenient in the name of preventing the spread of the virus. Luckily at these hard times, Hong Kong people decided to stand out for themselves and work together. There are numerous cases of self-study center, religious organizations, and communal shared spaces open up to people in need by then they could have a comfy rest and mealtime in a warm area. It has reflected the caring spirit of Hong Kong people and our determination to fight against the virus together.
Church, being not only a religious organization but also an important part of the development of society, has put in great attention and consideration in social services. They have even lent a helping hand on international supporting events. The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China is no exceptional case. They embrace the people-oriented motto when expanding their services in the educational sector. Proving services on a volunteer and self-supported basis, HKCCC has brought along a piece of warmth to the chaotic world. They have extended their ministries to overseas countries which makes their value and spirit astonishing and rewarding.😇👍
V Caresee and Banitore wish to exchange ideas and learn from the experience of HKCCC and further provide them with qualified anti-epidemic resources as charitable support. We aim to deliver better and tailor-made services to citizens in no matter education, medical, or community fields as we do have this responsibility in such. During this event, we have a better understanding of “It is better to give than to take” we wish to have this spirit sustained and accompany our company's development for the future. To bring high-quality products to our customers.😋